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  • Key legal considerations surrounding NFTs. NFTs and copyright: what to keep in mind. Legal issues behind releasing and selling an NFT.
  • Practical advice to protect against fraud, theft, and loss of NFTs.
  • The NFT technology as an opportunity to attract funding and public attention. How to create a unique NFT? How to convert physical art into NFTs? The difference between a token and the underlying asset. Managing assets. Where are they stored? What are the rights attached to assets and tokens?
  • Exploring different marketplaces and associated license issues. Selecting the right NFT marketplace to market an NFT and sell it. Checklist for a successful NFT drop. Getting a crypto wallet, tokenizing a piece of art.
  • NFT gifts & merchandise. Selling NFT “merchandise” through museum shops.
  • Launching the first NFT exhibition. How to prepare for an NFT exhibition? How to display NFT art? How to technically prepare for the process of transferring NFT to another wallet?