MARCH 11, 2025


  • Museum Storage: innovative methods to reorganize. Where do I start? How to deal with large, oversized objects? What are the best ways to group them? How to estimate how many storage furniture we will need? How best to choose storage furniture?
  • Robotic assistance in storage management: practice in enhancing the efficiency of storage facilities, improving the safety of artifact handling, and providing museums with valuable data for collection management.
  • Best practice of improvement of museum workflow. Guidelines on the labelling and marking of museum objects. How to сhoose the right accounting systems for the museum collections? How to craft a catalog workflow that supports the creation of consistent, quality data?
  • Effective inspection and monitoring: guidelines and best practices. Elimination of accounting defects. Checks of museum collections. How to minimize documentation? Design of final documents checking the presence of collections.
  • Best practices for a successful transformation of rules and regulations for security and access.
  • Successful cooperation of all staff members through teamwork, planning and communication. Challenges of staff training for minimization risks related to careless handing and improper use.
  • Current trends in environmental monitoring. Monitoring and stabilization of microclimate parameters; requirements for the microclimate of museum premises. Organization of monitoring of microclimate parameters in museum premises under conditions of storage, exhibition, and transportation. Methods for stabilizing the microclimate in museum display cases. Use of air conditioning systems in the museum.
  • Preventive conservation and risk management. Practical solutions for conservation of museum collections. Organizational impact and sustainability in preventive conservation. Biological damage to museum objects, methods of their prevention, methods of anti-insecticidal treatment and disinfection of surfaces from fungal and bacterial microflora.
  • Reducing threats to storage areas. Modern security system (fire protection of storage facilities, exhibition and restoration premises, including fire and alarm systems). How best to choose technologies and software solutions? Physical security of museum buildings, stock items and collections (presence of security alarms, video surveillance system, security posts).
  • Tips and challenges during transport of collection. Requirements for containers and packaging of museum objects made of different materials. Necessary conditions of transportation. Checking the safety of museum objects upon their arrival at the place of exhibition.