- Building Digital Public Spaces. Creating an effective digital strategy: guidelines and best practices. How to increase digital visits. Recommendations for improving the museum website. Museums on TikTok: best practices. What are the best ways of staff training to help them produce and present digital content effectively?

- Designing the Museum Digital Infrastructure. How best to choose technology and software solutions. Digitalization of museum collections: selection of equipment, types of digital copies, resolution and other parameters for assessing the digitalization quality. Three-dimensional digitalization of museum collections. Role of digital curators. Challenges of funding and staff training for smaller museums.

- Metaverse, VR and AR technologies, 3D mapping. An interactive museum. New technologies and multimedia content: immersive content. Organizing virtual tours. Interactive technology, educational and entertainment content; using panoramic monitors, projectors, video sets. Scanning an exhibit and creating holographic images, video mapping. Storage and security of digital content. 



- Key legal considerations surrounding NFTs. NFTs and copyright: what to keep in mind. Legal issues behind releasing and selling an NFT.

- Practical advice to protect against fraud, theft, and loss of NFTs.

- The NFT technology as an opportunity to attract funding and public attention. How to create a unique NFT? How to convert physical art into NFTs? The difference between a token and the underlying asset. Managing assets. Where are they stored? What are the rights attached to assets and tokens?

- Exploring different marketplaces and associated license issues. Selecting the right NFT marketplace to market an NFT and sell it. Checklist for a successful NFT drop. Getting a crypto wallet, tokenizing a piece of art.

- NFT gifts & merchandise. Selling NFT “merchandise” through museum shops.

- Launching the first NFT exhibition. How to prepare for an NFT exhibition? How to display NFT art? How to technically prepare for the process of transferring NFT to another wallet?


- Accessible environment for all visitors. Digital culture access challenges for vulnerable groups, inclusivity and the implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty. How to ensure museum accessibility for all people with disabilities? What to consider when designing an accessible environment and barrier-free space? Recommendations on the selection and use of technical means of object adaptation. What to consider when installing adaptation equipment: entrance group modification, ramp configuration safety, lifting platforms; safety railings and ramps with a special non-slip coating; tactile guiding system; restroom modification. Providing parking facilities for people with disabilities.

- Accessible design as part of the new exhibition development philosophy: sharing best practices. Rethinking space; using different sensory channels; visual and tactile accessibility of exhibition items to the visitors. Label text, accessibility of the audio and interactives.



- General funding. Museum crowdfunding and fundraising: what could be done to make a museum project effective? Subsidies and grants. How do museums cope with possible funding cuts? Virtual world vs. real world: major fundraising trends in the virtual world. The future of fundraising.

- Relations with sponsors and donors as a two-way street. How to build a strategic partnership with donors? What are the best ways to cultivate donors? The role of personal relationship between the sponsor and museum representatives. Inviting sponsors to museum events and sending holiday gifts to donors. How will the way they donate money change in the future?

- Digital solutions for implementation and promotion of museum products: online stores, marketplaces, applications. Product update. Important questions related to organization and promotion.

- Education anywhere and anytime. Contemporary collaborations between museums and universities, schools: key questions. Tours, courses, training, summer schools for children and teenagers.

- Creating and building endowments for museums.

- Increasing ticket sales: best practices from the leading museums. Developing blogs, podcasts, computer games; social media activity; building interactive museum spaces for children and young people.

- Museum exhibit sales and rental spaces: challenges and solutions.